Why Are Our Oysters So Fresh?

Why Are Our Oysters So Fresh?

Fresh Oysters on the halfshell in Rockport

Fresh Oysters on the halfshell at the Boiling Pot are a true coastal favorite! Recently Ramona from The Boiling Pot was quoted in an article about the Oyster Industry in Rockport Fulton and its impact on the economy. At The Boiling Pot we serve oysters on the halfshell daily! Ramona noted that a single server can sell up to 10 dozen oysters on the half shell in one weekend morning!

Fresh and Local

With Fresh Oysters you can tell the difference between local and out of town flavor. Local oysters have a different salt taste to them that many Rockport Fulton visitors prefer! Stop on in to The Boiling Pot and enjoy our local and fresh Oysters on the Halfshell!

Read more about the Oyster Industry in Rockport Fulton in this article from the Rivard Report. The Boiling Pot gets a mention!



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  1. […] At The Boiling Pot we set ourselves apart from other seafood restaurants in Rockport, Fulton, and the surrounding areas. We prioritize local ingredients in our food and of course use our famous Cajun Spices! We boil fresh crawfish, blue crab, king crab, stone crab, sausage, corn, and more to make your experience as memorable as Larry’s was! Come see us for an unforgettable experience and delicious Cajun seafood! Don’t forget about our fresh oysters! […]

  2. Daniel Miller says:

    I use to come there to eat on a regular basis back in the day but haven’t been in a decade. I live in corpus now and my son is coming to town for his 24 birthday and I am going to bring him and his girlfriend there to eat and be merry. Looking forward to it.

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