Spring Fling writer raves about the Rockport – Fulton food scene

Spring Fling writer raves about the Rockport – Fulton food scene

Seafood Restaurants in Rockport

Each year The Boiling Pot hosts the Spring Fling. This event is all about the outdoors and the water activities Rockport Fulton has to offer. The Spring Fling is held in May, the event hosts media representatives from across Texas. They always hold a meeting at The Boiling Pot! Rockport Mayor Pat Rios gave a presentation this year called Rockport Fulton Rising – Silver Linings on the Horizon. The Goal is that the writers head back to their publications and outlets with positives to report from our community. This year Larry Leblanc from The Mongomery County Courier had some great things to say about our restaurant and other seafood restaurants in Rockport!

From the article: “After a rest we went to hit one of our favorite eateries just down the street from the Inn, The Boiling Pot, where we almost hurt ourselves eating a delicious selection of shrimp, mud bugs (crayfish), potatoes, corn, and sausage, chased by our favorite beverages. Upon completion of that scrumptious feast we had to waddle to the park across the street from the Inn and try to walk it all down.”

What sets The Boiling Pot apart

At The Boiling Pot we set ourselves apart from other seafood restaurants in Rockport, Fulton, and the surrounding areas. We prioritize local ingredients in our food and of course use our famous Cajun Spices! We boil fresh crawfish, blue crab, king crab, stone crab, sausage, corn, and more to make your experience as memorable as Larry’s was! Come see us for an unforgettable experience and delicious Cajun seafood! Don’t forget about our fresh oysters!

Thanks again to Larry for his kind words about our restaurant and our community. After the tough couple of years, post Hurricane Harvey, its nice to see the area through visitors’ eyes. Rockport Fulton is getting back to full strength and we are so grateful for the support of our visitors!

To read Larry Leblanc’s article in full click here

By the way, new this year you can buy our cajun spices right here on our website!


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